Hear what the Vets are saying!

Dave Roos DVM,

Adobe Animal Hospital

Los Altos

Julie has been my lifeline when there have been behavior issues. I am a vet and I have enough trouble with my own behavior much less in solving the complicated problems of owners and their pets.

I often feel at a loss in how to help people who have fighting dogs, fear aggressive dogs, shy dogs, not well socialized dogs etc. and I am thrilled to be able to have Julie standing in the wings waiting to take over.

When the dog owners call her, she is right on it. She goes to their house and spends time understanding the interactions between the owners and their pets and the other pets in the family. She teaches the pet owner about possible causes of the problem and show them positive ways to deal with it. She understands the dynamics of all the relationships. She is not afraid to tell the owner the truth if there are serious issues. She writes up a long report for me and for the owner so I also get to learn.

I don't hesitate to recommend Julie Bond for my problem patients and owners.

Julie Miller DVM 

Pet's Friend Animal Clinic


As a veterinarian in the Bay Area, I have been referring clients to Julie Bond for over 15 years. Her knowledge and insight into pet behavior have been a great resource for me to offer to my clients.

With behavior problems leading to more pets being surrendered than any other cause, getting practical and compassionate help can make the difference between keeping a pet or giving it up. Julie Bond saves pets daily by helping their owners understand what is going wrong and offering a plan to help get the household back on track. She has helped so many of my clients keep their pet families together and create peace and harmony in their homes!

Dr. Karen Buchinger

Alameda Pet Hospital

I have known Julie Bond and relied on her keen behavior insight for many years. As a veterinarian, I have referred numerous clients over the years and consulted with her on some of my own personal pets with troubling behavior issues.

I appreciate her calm nature and encouraging remarks, as well as the detailed assignments she gives out with each consultation. A copy of her assessment and related homework assignments is placed in each pet’s medical record at my pet hospital.

Keep up the good work.