Vets who know Julie know better.

Since 1991, Julie has been the go-to referral service for pet owners and veterinarians throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For prospective pet owners, she provides counseling on breed choices. She also treats an extensive range of behavioral problems and regularly shares her knowledge and insights with veterinarians and consumers in her seminars.  

There’s no end to the reasons veterinarians refer pet owners to Julie Bond (darn if those little critters don’t keep coming up with new ones). 

If you’re a vet and you’d like to find out more about Julie and her proven techniques for behavioral management, please feel free to call her at 925-818-3938. Or click here to email us.

What happens after a referral?Any time you refer a client to P.E.T.S., we’ll send you a detailed follow-up report describing the treatment we recommend. If that involves pharmacological intervention, we’ll contact you directly to discuss possible treatment options so you can provide the indicated treatment protocol.