Need some one-on-one time? No problem.

If you’re a pet owner in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can provide telephone or video consultations, as well as in-person visits.

Telephone consultations are set up in 45-minute blocks, video consults are 1-hour blocks, during both daytime and evening hours to better meet the needs of busy pet-owning families.

Charges for in-person consultations are by the hour + mileage to and from the location. The hourly charge starts once Julie arrives.

If you’re outside the San Francisco Bay Area, you can still take advantage of Julie’s expertise through telephone and video consultations. Feel free to email us for more information.

Private Pet Training Testimonial

Lydia and Charlie

Los Altos

"We recently had a major problem with our lovable but fearful dog.  Julie came to our home to observe first hand the nature and magnitude of our dog's behavior.  Julie's advice was professional and showed experience and common sense.  She clearly defined the options and steps that would be necessary to solve the problem.  Julie helped our family navigate a difficult situation and clarified what needed to be done in a very logical and methodical way.  Julie is an expert in her field who instills confidence and calms down emotions.  She has become our family's exclusive dog advisor."