Even the smallest behavioral change makes a huge difference.

First, the bad news: A current study of pet guardians shows that 47% of cat owners and 87% of dog owners believe their pets have at least one behavioral problem. In fact, this is the Number One reason this country’s dogs and cats are euthanized or brought to animal shelters.

Now, the good news: Help is available, it’s affordable—and in no time, it can change two lives: Your pet’s and yours.

Puppy I

Do you and your puppy need to get off on the right paw? This class is designed for all puppies over 10 weeks of age, regardless of size or breed. This unique course combines early socialization opportunities with an emphasis on positive reinforcement. Basic obedience skills are covered using tricks training to make it more fun and enhance learning, as are solutions to the most common behavior problems facing puppy owners. Handling exercises to calm your puppy and make him more tractable are incorporated into each class. Socialization between the puppies, their owners, and each other is fostered in this class. 

Puppy II (not offered currently, but Puppy I may still work for you!)Do you have an older puppy who is testing boundaries and ready for a challenge?
Aimed at puppies over 6 months of age who have completed Puppy I and are ready to take it to the next level. We introduce you and your puppy to several training methods, including clicker training. The course outline is based on the Canine Good Citizen Program as endorsed by the AKC. Puppies socialize and learn in a fun, safe environment while their owners prepare them for the Canine Good Citizen exam!

Kitten Kindergarten (not offered currently)

This class is for kittens 6-14 weeks of age. It's a unique experience for kittens and their owners to socialize, work on handling techniques, and learn about cat behavior. Topics to be addressed include litter box training, biting, clawing furniture, interactive toys, and the importance of play. Owners of older cats are invited to participate in this class without their cats.